The imago is a double-sided reality, at the same time objective and subjective, an expression of science and dream, of rational and irrational.


A tori is a traditional Japanese portal generally built at the entrance of all Shintoïst sanctuaries to separate the sacred from the non-sacred part.

our mission

we are an integrated marketing agency and we think, design and create brand ecosystems, helping our clients to enhance the customer experience at any time across all relevant contact points of the customer journey.

how we work

our approach

We always manage our project with a cross-channel, consumer-centric and performance-oriented approach.

Generally starting our work with a strategy update (consumer insights, feasibility, competition, challenge), we ensure focused and impactful solutions based on consumer needs.

solution & results oriented

We love challenging projects that force us to invent the best solution based on a given budget and briefing.

We take the same approach for the solution we developed ourselves, as you can see below


Mobile app allowing content geolocalisation and the creation of an interactive and personalised course. Examples: Treasure hunt, discovery courses, museum visits, event or team building.
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Follow Up

Collaborative tool to create a validation workflow in order to improve the efficiency of an organisation and the quality of deliverables. Could be used for internal process and with external partners such as design agencies.
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Exclusive solution developed by ourselves to respond to the recurrent need for a modular solution. Customisable and easy-to-set-up furniture for pop-up stores or event stands. We can develop a concept for you with different options, designs, materials.
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working as a real partner

We give preference to small interdisciplinary creative teams when working with our clients in order to develop strong long-term partnerships.

Key positions in the agency are come from very different horizons such as FMCG brand management, digital marketing, design or interior architecture. This allows us to understand the challenges our clients are facing and come up with realistic and useful solutions that avoid coordination waste.

We can accompany our partners from the strategy to execution or at every specific stage of the process in order to attract, engage consumers or attract and engage consumers or earn their loyalty..


  • Digital marketing

  • Media, digital media & performance

  • E-commerce

  • CRM & loyalty programme

  • UI/UX strategy

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand strategy

  • Workshop creation & organisation

  • Guidebooks & training

  • Consumer insight

  • KPIs & objective-setting & measurement

  • Content strategy

  • Customer journey, personalisation & multi-channel

  • Brand ecosystem optimisation

  • (Tool audit & recommendation / digital transformation / digital training / workflow optimisation…)

  • Sourcing

  • UI/UX design

  • SEO

  • Content creation

  • Website creation

  • Banner creation

  • Mobile & apps

  • Games

  • Solution

  • Strategy & consulting

  • Website auditing

  • Analytics & dashboard

  • Digital displays

  • Digital strategy

  • Digital customer journey

  • Performance

  • Data collection

  • Digital activation

  • Training & workshops

  • Guidebooks

  • Branding

  • Logo, iconography

  • Brand guidelines

  • Storytelling

  • Content strategy and creation

  • Naming & copywriting

  • Campaign

  • Product design

  • Packaging design

  • Packaging adaptation & execution

  • Print design & production (sales folder, press releases, billboards, flyers & leaflets, brochures/catalogues)

  • Video

  • Display

  • Retail & branded spaces (shops, stands, corners)

  • Campaign activation (event, sampling ...)

  • POS communication

  • Digital solution for POS – the connected store

  • Gift/goodies design & production

To ensure the best quality & cost structure in order to create unique & personalised products for your brands, we have 2 offices in China and Vietnam. We are able to produce your ppackaging and point of sales material including complete personalised shops or gifts & goodies.

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Partner, Consultant for Design, POSM & Sourcing


Partner & Creative Director


Partner, Consultant for Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing


Director & Consultant for Digital Marketing, E-commerce & CRM/Customer Experience


Country Manager,
Vietnam Office

And 20 people with different skills, backgrounds and nationalities with a shared passion: creation, design and efficiency…